Serve Weekend

God's love was evident in our community this past week.  I am grateful that so many of you participated in our "Serve Weekend."  It began Friday when we participated in the homecoming parade as we walked along side our van and distributed sweet treats to children along the way.

On Saturday we had a host of volunteers from our congregation spend the morning at the Platte County Treasure Chest sorting clothing, food and toiletries for those in need, and we had a work force at the Hillcrest Thrift Store assisting in cleaning the inside and outside to spruce it up for customers who appreciate all the stores offers.  Another crew helped out collecting a lot of food at Price Chopper which we donated to the food pantry.

Here at the church our youth and adults spent the afternoon baking cookies to deliver to our Platte County emergency personnel.  And there were other groups out and about doing a variety of things offering the love of Christ.

Then on Sunday morning during worship a need was expressed to assist one of our church members with a difficult task.  Immediately a number of you volunteered to meet that need and plans have gotten underway to make it happen!

The Sunday message encouraged us to be "zesty" Christians as we represent the light of Jesus in today's world.  Thank you to everyone who offered, and continues to offer, her and his time and talent toward helping people in our community.  This is what it means to live like Jesus!  I serve an amazing God and an amazing church.