Here you will find the most recent services,
beginning July 1, 2021.
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The Life of Jesus as told in the Book of Mark:

Jesus: The Man, The Message, The Mission.

In this series, Pastor Robert discusses Jesus' Baptism, Jesus' Message, Jesus' Work, Jesus' Disciples, Jesus' Teachings and Jesus' Enemies. (September 19 through October 24) Click on the image below to watch the series on You Tube.

Jesus Series Blank.png


You know what passwords are, right? You need them to gain access to lots of things these days. But how about God? How do we gain access to God? How do we gain access to a spiritual adventure with God? For Jesus, it was prayer. Prayer is one of the vital passwords we need to go deeper in this adventure with God, and Jesus taught us how to pray. In this message series, Pastor Robert shares the 'Passwords" of the Lord's Prayer (August 8 through September 12). Click on the image below to watch the series on YouTube.

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Lessons From the Farm

In this message series (July 4 through August 1), Pastor Robert shared the lessons he learned growing up on a farm in northwest Missouri. Through these lessons, we discovered the keys to developing a vibrant, growing relationship with God.  

Click tthe image below to watch the  series on YouTube.

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