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Prayer, Care & Resources

One of the clearest marks of a healthy church is a commitment to prayer.

Prayer binds us together.

Prayer helps us grow closer to God.

Prayer shapes who we are and what we do.

Prayer changes things.

Prayer Resources

Maybe you are looking for a guide to help you in your prayer life. There are many to choose from at PCUMC. 

Where can you pray?

Of course, prayers are heard wherever they are offered. If you would like a special place to pray in and around the church, check these locations.

Prayer chapel.jpg

Inside the Buidling, visit the Prayer Chapel or the Sanctuary.

VHill summer (2).JPG
V Hill snow.jpg

Or, head outside to Vesper Hill, just west of the parking lot.

Request Prayer

If you are seeking prayer, send a note to the church ( or call or text Pastor Robert at 816-813-8184. You can also use the Connect section of this website.

Your request will be shared with the Prayer Team and the Prayer Chain.

Support Prayer

Are you called to share in the Ministry of Prayer? You will find several opportunities at PCUMC.

  • Join the Prayer Team that meets every Tuesday at Noon in the Chapel.

  • Receive a weekly Prayer Chain email so you can pray for all the requests received.

Contact the Church Office to get connected.


The Congregational Care Team consists of people from the church who contact members on a regular basis. The team member might be a listening ear, a shoulder, a means for prayer and encouragement. Any specific prayer concerns will be shared with the Pastor. Additionally, those concerns will be shared with the Prayer Team and Prayer Chain if desired.

The Kitchen Team helps provide foor for those coming home from the hospital and during other difficult life events.

If you have a need for this type of care, or if you would like to provide this care, contact the Church Office.

Weeds Blank.png

During the message series on mental health, "Weeds in My Garden", a number of resources were shared.  Click here to read or click on the image.

Reach out to Pastor Robert if you would like additional information - call or text 816-813-8184.

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