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Many people flock to popular summer destinations, but sometimes it’s when you go Off the Beaten Path that the best memories are made. A tour through the Bible can be the same way.

As important as the main roads are, this summer we’re going Off the Beaten Path to find what God has to say to us in some of the not so familiar people and stories of the Old Testament.

Some of the paths we take this summer will include PCUMC members sharing where they have seen God working in their lives.

So, join us this summer as we go “Off the Beaten Path.”


May 28 – Where I Have Seen God (10 am Worship Only)

June 4 – Shiprah and Puah: The Journey Begins Here

June 11 – The Faith We Sing (10 am Worship Only)

June 18 – Josiah and Huldah: Dusting Off Your Map

June 25 – Zephaniah: When the Best Turn is a U-Turn

July 2 – Where I Have Seen God

July 9 – Where I Have Seen God

July 16 – Benaiah: Running Down Cats in the Snow (VBS Sunday; 10 am Worship Only)

July 23 – Where I Have Seen God

July 30 – Where I Have Seen God

August 6 – Habakkuk: When the Road is Rough

August 13 – Deborah and Jael: When It’s Your Turn to Drive

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