SERIES DESCRIPTION: If your faith were a muscle, how flexible would it be? Could it stretch to your knees? Your shins? Your toes? Or are you not sure you even have any faith to stretch in the first place? Just like your body, if you want a faith that is strong, growing, and capable of carrying you through difficult challenges, you’re going to need to stretch it. It might be fun. It might be challenging. But it will definitely be worthwhile. In this series, we’ll discover four ways we can stretch our faith from Paul, the author of the book of Romans and a man whose life was completely transformed by Jesus. Thanks to Paul’s words, we know we can stretch our faith my making a commitment, by starting something new, and by letting something go. We can even stretch our faith when we feel like we’ve failed.



SERIES DESCRIPTION: Many of our favorite movies, from Toy Story to Moana, tell the stories of characters who are on a journey to discover who they are and what they were created to do. The stories in Scripture are like this too, but with one big difference: in the Bible, humans aren’t the main characters — God is. In this series, we’ll explore the stories of people like Cain and Abel, Elijah, Naomi, Ruth, Esther, and some of the earliest Jesus-followers in order to see that who we are can best be understand in the context of who God is. When we discover who our Creator is, we can better understand who we were created to be. Because of who God is, we can trust how God has made us, we can do difficult things, we can embrace the unknown, and we can take risks for others.



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Looking to help? We would love for you to be a part of our Youth Parent Round Table, or even as a volunteer for our Sunday evening gatherings! 

For more information, email: pcumcyouthministry@gmail.com



Hey Everyone! My name is Tom Keller and I'm the Youth and Worship Director here at Platte City UMC.  Isn’t it funny how we never know quite where God is leading us?  If you would have asked me 5 years ago, where I thought I would be and what exactly I would be doing, I honestly probably couldn’t have given you an answer.  But God called me, and here I am; and I couldn’t be more excited. Some of my best moments and memories came from my hometown youth group. It’s where I came to know Christ; where I made some of my best life long friends; and even where I found my love and passion for worship and music. My one, and biggest goal/aspiration is to create a youth group that’s capable of having these moments; a place where kids and teenagers can come without preconceptions, and truly experience what it means to be loved by God.

For more information please contact our Youth Director  at: pcumcyouthministry@gmail.com