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Hey Everyone! My name is Tom Keller and I'm the Youth and Worship Director here at Platte City UMC.  Isn’t it funny how we never know quite where God is leading us?  If you would have asked me 5 years ago, where I thought I would be and what exactly I would be doing, I honestly probably couldn’t have given you an answer.  But God called me, and here I am; and I couldn’t be more excited. Some of my best moments and memories came from my hometown youth group. It’s where I came to know Christ; where I made some of my best life long friends; and even where I found my love and passion for worship and music. My one, and biggest goal/aspiration is to create a youth group that’s capable of having these moments; a place where kids and teenagers can come without preconceptions, and truly experience what it means to be loved by God.



SERIES DESCRIPTION: We were all designed to ask questions. As toddlers, we constantly asked, “Why?” But as we get older, asking too many questions is often discouraged — especially when those questions are about our faith. But in this 4-week series, we’ll talk about how having questions (and even doubts) about God might not be as scary or as shameful as we thought, because you’re not alone in your questions, God doesn’t shame us for our questions, our questions don’t always get answered, and Godly people can help us with our questions.

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